OVA International builds your bulk vehicle.

Sustainable - Innovative - Reliable

OVA International develops, builds and maintains silo vehicles for powders and granulates

OVA International offers solutions for the transport of bakery flour, animal feed, cement, sand, grains and granulates.

With a OVA Silo vehicle, you choose for :

safety and conformity

The focus on pneumatic discharging guarantees a well thought-out design for bulk goods, in combination with bagged powders. In consultation with you we always look for the best configuration, so that the vehicle can meet your requirements and expectations for many years.

Superstructure 5 sections + alubox
Superstructure 6 sections + panelbox
2 axles semi trailer 7 sections
semi trailer NCG40
Superstructure 4 sections + steelbox
Superstructure 2 sections + alubox

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